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Stephanie Wettstein
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Montana State University

Daniel McKinnon

Associate, Polymer Science & Materials Chemistry

Exponent®, Inc. Engineering and Scientific Consulting

 "I highly recommend using ConceptTests and screencasts available through throughout the semester. The ConceptTests (administered via iClickers during lecture) have significantly improved class involvement and discussion in my class, which leads to great questions posed by the students. In fact, multiple students remarked that the ConceptTests were the thing that helped them learn the most during the semester. The screencasts are excellent resources for students because they provide instruction at their own pace. The feedback on both ConceptTests and the screencasts were very positive."  "Despite graduating with my PhD, I had forgotten how to do most of the basic ChemE undergrad problems. I had no idea how to calculate pressure drops through a pipe, read a psychrometric chart or a steam table, interpret a McCabe-Thiele plot, or do simple heat transfer calculations. This all changed over the last few weeks.  I was more or less required to take the FE Chemical Exam for my job and, after scoring less than 50% on the practice test, I realized that I would have to study.Me passing this test can be entirely attributed to your website. This resource is absolutely fantastic! After watching your videos and following along with the calculations, I became totally comfortable with all of these problems. Great work and a big thank you to all of you!"